Like every other business in the world, Touchstone needs to create value. But unlike some other businesses, our customers and stakeholders—investors, tenants, and the communities we work in—tend to take the long view. So we do too. And when we’re able to deliver the long-term value they’re looking for, we get the chance do it all over again, with a new project.

For our investors, we strive to be a trustworthy and communicative partner, anticipating and managing project risk well before it becomes a problem, and always striving for creative solutions that can do more—and return more—with less.

To our commercial tenants, we’re the company that knows how they look at buildings—as tools to build more successful businesses, just like manufacturing equipment or a piece of accounting software. To that end, we’re continually working to get a fuller understanding of prospective tenants’ business models, researching design innovation, and interviewing former tenants post-occupancy to learn how we can improve. We believe that the best buildings don’t just meet their users’ needs. They also have the ability to profoundly delight.

Our communities are also our stakeholders. We believe deeply in the idea of “shared value”—that the competitiveness of any company, Touchstone included, and the health of the communities around it are mutually dependent. As a locally grown and owned Northwest company, Touchstone is here for the long haul, and we work to do right by our region. That means that we seek input from our neighbors in the planning stages of development, and always do our best to design beautiful buildings that may make change a little easier, even for skeptics. We also apply our energy as volunteers, philanthropists, and policy advocates, in an effort to make the Puget Sound a more economically and environmentally sustainable place to live, work, and play.