In a commercial real-estate market like Seattle, with high barriers to entry, it can take years to get a project to the starting gate. The challenge is, when you’re starting that far ahead, the current market data might not bear out your long-term planning. Yet waiting around isn’t an option either.

So we need to be visionary. We need to find the sites that will be in the path of growth. To look at the city, see what’s possible, and then bring the right people and capital together to make our ideas real. To move forward with imagination and optimism.

It starts with questions: What will the citizens and businesses of Seattle need? Where is our economy going? What are the sparks of thought today that will fuel tomorrow’s big ideas? To find the answers, we look to our tenants, to other industries, and to other parts of the world. We cultivate diversity of thinking in our own team, because differences in gender, culture and age make for more creativity, better risk management, and ultimately more value. And we train ourselves to see the best opportunities out there—often they’re hiding in plain sight.